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A little bit about me.

While most of my "musical" friends were starting bands either in, or just out of, high school, my musical journey thus far had been limited to playing the bells in concert band, and being someone who liked to sing but rarely did so in public.  I spent my formative years slightly envious of anyone who had the nerve to get up in front of an audience and just let go.

When I was well into my 20s, I picked up an old acoustic guitar for $40 at a pawn shop, and a beginner's book on guitar chords.  That started my journey. 

Music, performing, singing - it's the one part of my life where everything slows down and makes sense.  It's the one thing where I feel genuinely like... me.  Playing live and getting to share that love and energy with all of you is the best place in the world for me.

I've taken time to really focus on my writing, and I'm really proud of the few songs I've finished, and excited by the many more "bits' of songs that have been started.  Every song I write is a little piece of me.  I hope to always keep that feeling of honesty and openness to share with you.

Thanks for stopping in, and enjoy my little creations.  :)


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